Here’s a little test video from “Home”, I still need to add Angus and some more effects in there, but it’s coming together

Here’s something different, a deer walk! I animated this last semester, but I’m fixing/adding some character to it.

last set, this is a spring day, and the final night color scheme on the bottom left

Now it’s an early winter morning, which color scheme is your favorite? Thank you so much for the helpful feedback!

Thumbnails for the opening image of the barn at sunset, the mood is supposed to be happy, playful, and peaceful. Which ones do you like best?

Final Animatic, still choosing credit music.
Edit: sound added, thanks Dani! Ignore the credit music

Learning to animate using a combination of photoshop and flash

Expression sheet for Angus the Snow Goose

Expression sheet for the pointer, now named Wyatt